Help! I have to go to work but hate that Mom is in the Hospital Alone all Day

When Mom or Dad is in the hospital and you want to be with them but work and kids won’t wait, what can you do?

No one wants to be alone in the hospital. Knowing that, you are likely feeling terribly guilty when you need to leave to go to work, home, or to care for any of your many responsibilities that don’t let up no matter what the crisis.

Caregivers will Stay with Mom in the Hospital

Sometimes, hospital patients suffer memory impairment, may already suffer from dementia, become unable to speak loudly, cannot see, or simply become too weak to call for help. We can be your “eyes and ears”, advocating for Mom or Dad, making sure they are well cared for. When providing overnight care, caregivers stay awake – alert to changes in condition and observing care, so you can get a good night’s sleep.

When needed and when approved by the nursing staff, we can help your Mom and Dad:

  • Remain comfortable by fluffing pillows, getting more pillows, wedges, blankets.
  • Adjust room temperature, television volume, and keep the room tidy.
  • Turn them in the bed as directed to help prevent bedsores.
  • Offer water and other liquids to help keep them hydrated.
  • Assist with feeding.
  • Make sure their Depends are changed and stay dry or call for assistance when they need to go to the bathroom.
  • Document activities. Sometimes a family wants us to write down everything that has happened when they are not there. This way they know what medications have been given, what test have been performed, and if any doctors have come to visit.
  • Log visitors in our client folder. If they are sleeping and do not want visitors we can write the visitors names down, ask them to come back or have a designated family member call them.
  • Call for help.

Please call us today. We have wonderful, caring caregivers, often available at very short notice.

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